/kad / (say kahd)

1. a piece of stiff paper or thin pasteboard, usually rectangular, for various uses: a business card.
2. postcard.
3. a piece of cardboard with more or less elaborate ornamentation, bearing a complimentary greeting: a Christmas card.
4. one of a set of small pieces of cardboard with spots or figures, used in playing various games, in prognostication, etc.
5. (plural) a game or games played with such a set.
6. a resource, plan, idea, approach to a problem or proposition, etc.: that's his best card.
7. a program of events, as at horseraces.
8. Golf the par score for a course: two under the card.
9. the circular piece of paper or other material on which the 32 points indicating direction are marked in a compass.
10. Computers a circuit board: a sound card; a video card.
11. Textiles a perforated strip of cardboard, etc., used to control the pattern in weaving.
12. Colloquial a person of some indicated characteristic: a cool card.
13. Colloquial a likeable, amusing, or facetious person: *Old Jim was a card with a sense of fun and often he'd put on a show –a.s. allison, 1925.
verb (t)
14. to place (data) on cards for reference, as for a card index.
15. to ask (someone) for proof of age, as at a club, bar, etc.
16. Golf to score.
17. have a card up one's sleeve, to have a secret plan, resource, etc., that can be used to advantage at a later time.
18. keep (or play with){{}} (or hold) one's cards close to one's chest, to be secretive about one's moves.
19. on the cards, likely to happen: *The romance is blossoming, marriage is on the cards. –advertiser, 1990. {Phrase Origin: 19th century; ? from the use of cards in fortune-telling}
20. pick the card, Horseracing to choose the winners in every race on the program.
21. play the … card, to introduce a specified issue into a debate in the hope of gaining an advantage: *`He could play the health card, or he could play the human rights card, but as for now no one's too sure what he'll do,' said one Spanish source close to the Skase family. –aap news, 2001.
22. put (or lay) one's cards on the table, to speak plainly or candidly; disclose all information in one's possession.
{Middle English, from French carte, from Latin charta (see chart)
carding, noun
/kad / (say kahd)

1. a toothed implement or wire brush used in disentangling and combing out fibres of wool, flax, etc., preparatory to spinning.
2. a similar implement for raising the nap on cloth.
verb (t)
3. to dress (wool, etc.) with a card.
{late Middle English carde, from Old French, from Late Latin cardus, Latin carduus thistle}
carder, noun
carding, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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